Monday, September 27, 2010

Fashion foward

Do you have one of those kids? I'm talking about the one who is overly concerned about what they wear or just set in their ways about what they need to wear on a certain day or for certain occasions. Are they three? Are they male?

When I had my daughter I might have envisioned the day when she put her foot down or became increasingly opinionated about what clothes she wore. So far that really hasn't happened. As she has gotten older, she has become a little more interested, but not insistent upon what she wears. At five she likes to tell me when she wants to wear a dress vs. shorts or pants (almost everyday), and she likes to be able to pick out what she is wearing for the day, but doesn't get upset if I am the only laying out her clothes. She comes home from school with stains on her clothes and plenty of dirt and mulch from the playground. Some of her articles of clothing do not last very long. (I really must remember this when shopping for her. It is not good to pay too much money for something that may only survive her wearing it once or twice.)

On the other hand, when I had my baby boy I thought I would have full reign for at least a little while. I still had my girl to shop for and now I was going to be able to buy polo shirts and cute sweaters and button down shirts. It has gone as expected pretty much up until this point. As I have mentioned before, Charlie loves dinosaurs. His Nana recently got him a new pair of dinosoles shoes. They have a t-rex on them and he loves them. He loves the free t-shirt that came with them even better though. The child begs to wear this shirt everyday. We have tears in the mornings when he doesn't get to wear it and when compromise by letting him put it on when he gets home. Even if he forgets about his dinosaur shirt he likes to know ahead of time what he will be wearing so that he can give it his approval.

Today was the first day cool enough that he needed to wear jeans. He was slightly upset this morning because he felt his jeans were too big. I told him they fir just fine (one of the only pair he hasn't outgrown), but he insisted that were too big because they covered his socks. After I explained that pants were supposed to be long and cover your socks to keep you warm he was mostly OK until we put on the jacket....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How do you lose a shoe?

Chad went to pick up Isabelle yesterday from school. As she walked into the cafeteria, he notices she only has on one shoe. Somewhere on the playground she lost her shoe. Her only comment was that I was going to be really mad at her and that someone must have taken it. How in the world do you lose a shoe?

Monday, September 13, 2010


Isabelle had her first soccer game them weekend. We chose to start with soccer because it is only on Saturdays for this age group. they have 30 minutes of practice followed by a 30 minute game. I think she really enjoyed herself. She has never played before so it was all new to her. She knew a couple of the kids on her team either from preschool or her kindergarten class. She spend a lot of time just running after people with the ball, but she came close to scoring once and she stopped a goal once. Overall we had a good time.

All of the kids are growing like crazy. Isabelle is liking kindergarten and Charlie is doing well in his beginnergarten class. Henry is starting to talk more and more. He doesn't like to say mom, momma, mommy, anything in reference to me. He just laughs when you ask him about me.

We have been super busy as always, but have been enjoying time with family and friends. Hopefully as we settle into more of a routine for the fall, I will be able to share more.