Monday, November 2, 2009

Pool Party

I broke down this morning and RSVP'd for the pool party of one of Isabelle's classmates. She is super excited about going. I, on the other hand, am not!!! Isabelle really enjoys swimming, but she does not swim on her own yet. (Note to self: Add swimming lessons to the to do list for this summer) The invitation stated that parents were invited to swim if children needed assistance. So I guess that I will be getting in a bathing suit to help her out. The way I see it, there a few things that I have working against me here. One, I have never meet any of these people before and two I have not worked hard at getting myself to the point that I would feel really comfortable even putting a bathing suit on in front of family. I take full responsibilty for the fact that I am facing this horrible situation as I have not tried really hard to make myself presentable after having a baby 10 months ago, but having three children has not been overly kind to my body. Isn't the saying that it took nine months to put it on, it can take nine months to take it off? It has been ten, so I guess my time is up. I would much rather have my children than a stellar appearance in a bathing suit, but really I would much rather just not have to wear a bathing suit out in public. I realize that this all sounds awful and no I am not obsessed with appearance, but I just sort of like being able to cover up things that I would prefer others not to see. It has always been so comforting when coming back to work after having had a baby... and maybe even ten months later to be able to put on my lab coat and hide what actually lies beneath. Now I have to put on a bathing suit :( I did try to talk her out of going, offering that we might have more fun at home, but that was not part of her plan. Also I feel bad for not letting her go on her field trip a few weeks ago because she had been a little sick and I didn't want her out in the cold. So as it stands, we will be hitting the pool on Saturday!! Pictures to come soon, no not of the pool party, but of Halloween. We had a perfect Cinderalla, T-Rex, and monkey.

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